We focus on extracting high purity manganese ore

Ex Terra Africa (ETA), a United Kingdom Limited Company, is a rapidly expanding, ambitious mining company built for the future and committed to sustainable practices for the environment and local societies. Between the founding partners, we have decades of successful experience in the acquisition and development of exploration acreage, mine development and mine operation.

Mining will play a critical role in the world’s transition to clean energy. Our firm belief is that our mine developments and operations must be as sustainable and responsible as possible. We place emphasis on safer and less intrusive open-pit mining and extraction methods which allows us to meet high-quality production standards with a reduced environmental impact.

Founded in 2016, we began acquiring and developing exploration projects in Africa. By 2018 we had started physical mining operations in Zambia, where we developed a high-grade manganese ore mine. Throughout this time and since, we continued to expand with extensive exploration campaigns leading to substantial identified deposits.

In Zambia, our projects are primarily geared towards extracting high-purity manganese ore. Reliable and stable supplies of high-purity manganese are critical to the world’s rapid decarbonisation transition to clean energy. High-grade manganese is integral to the efficient development and manufacture of electric vehicle batteries whilst remaining an irreplaceable component in the manufacture of steel and aluminium alloys.

Whilst our initial focus is Zambia, we are also actively developing mining projects elsewhere in Africa.